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The concept of Wise Mind was developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan in the development Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  Dr. Linehan describes all people as h​aving 3 states of mind: the emotional mind, reasonable (or rational) mind, and wise mind

 Wise mind is the synthesis of our rational and emotional experience of a situation; it is that part of each person that can know and experience truth. 

 When we access our inner wisdom, we say we are in Wise Mind.  It creates a feeling of knowing what's right, a felt sense or a shift in the body—bringing with it a sense of greater presence, openness, peace, and clarity. 

Everyone has the capacity to access and utilize their wise mind. Working with a trusted counselor can help to identify and strengthen your access to wise mind and increase feelings of mastery over your life. 



Reaching out to ask for help can be the biggest barrier to healing.  Facing your fears, regrets, insecurities, traumas and other vulnerabilities takes great courage and taking the steps to trust another person with this delicate information can generate a lot of fear and anxiety.


Recovery from emotional wounds and the path to personal growth requires compassion.  Compassion from those you trust to help you heal as well as deep compassion for yourself, which comes from within. Individuals are always treated with dignity and compassion in this healing space.


Human connection is a basic human need.  Without human connection we are unable to thrive.  The pain of life can cause avoidance patterns which lead to isolation and deeper shame and depression.  Learning and practicing the value of intentional human connection is essential to healing and building a life worth living.



Sarah R. Fleener, LCSW, LSCSW

Sarah is a life long advocate of social justice, human dignity, self-determination, and the importance of human relationships.  Raised by a single-mother who faced great adversity as she raised two kids, pursued higher education, navigated the complexities of gender and heterosexism, and dealt with mental and physical health challenges, Sarah was exposed to not only the hardships of life but also the resiliency of the human spirit and the importance of showing kindness and compassion to others.  

Sarah completed her Bachelors of Social Work with a Minor in Women's Studies from The University of Kansas in 2003 and her Masters of Social Work from The University of Kansas in 2008.  She has practiced in the Kansas City Metropolitan area for nearly 20 years; providing services in domestic violence shelters, hospitals, community mental health, substance use treatment, and psychiatric hospitals.  Sarah has always been passionate about women's issues and serving adults in our community.

In 2017 Sarah was introduced to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, a treatment which was developed to target individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder at high risk for self-harm and suicidal behaviors.  This evidence-based treatment is also effective at improving emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness for individuals struggling with many other problems including substance use, eating disorders, trauma, and many other disorders associated with emotional regulation difficulties. Sarah is also competent in many other therapeutic modalities, treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Sarah has lived in the KC Metro since 2005 and enjoys spending time taking city adventures with her two kids, camping, diy projects, singing, and spending time relaxing with her two cats.  




2005 Buchanan Street,   North Kansas City, MO 64116


Wise Mind Counseling shares space in a beautifully restored home in the commercial/residential district of North Kansas City known as Cedar House. Located just north of downtown, over the Heart of America Bridge and a block west of Hwy 9/Burlington Rd. 

Please come on in when you arrive! Have a seat in the waiting area and your therapist will be with you at the time of your appointment.  

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